Chilli variety

The spicy ones

There are many varieties of chili. There are peppers of more or less elongated shape, heart-shaped, conical, rounded and pear-shaped. The color ranges from white, to yellow, to orange, to red, to black. But regardless of shape or color, they have two main characteristics that unite them: the content of flavonoids and capsaicinoids, which give this berry remarkable antibacterial properties. In particular, capsaicin is responsible for stimulating the heat receptors located on the tongue causing the typical burning sensation. The amount of capsaicin contained in the chilli pepper is expressed in SHU (Scoville Heat Units) and the greater the amount of capsaicinoids present in the chilli pepper, the higher the SHU value will be. The value of pure capsaicin is 16 million Scoville.

Hot peppers with high spiciness

Among the varieties with a high capsaicin content we find the Trinidad yellow scorpion and red scorpion, whose fruits have a pendulous bearing, a wrinkled exocarp and show wrinkles. They reach the length of 4.5-5 cm and the colors, when fully ripe, are yellow or red. Together with the Trinidad douglas, slightly smaller and brown in color, they are the most spicy in absolute, reaching over 1400000 Scoville. Also the Habanero species has a high spiciness, from 350000 to 100000 Scoville. Among the Habanero, the orange, white, chocolate and red varieties stand out, the plants are all sapling and the lantern-shaped fruits are about 2-6 cm long and about 2-4 cm wide. Another very spicy is the hot lemon, yellow and elongated in shape, so called because it gives off a light lemon aroma.

Peppers with medium spiciness

Spicy long, Andino, Bassotto, Etna: these are some of the peppers with medium spiciness (from 15000 to 10000 Scoville). The long spiciness is characterized by small cone-shaped fruits, and when ripe it is green and red. The Andino has elongated fruits, about 3-5 cm long, gathered in tufts. When ripe it is red. The Dachshund has roundish fruits, about 2 cm long, and the color ranges from yellow to whitish and orange, up to red, on the same plant. It is very suitable for growing in pots and is also used for decorative purposes, gathered in bunches. Finally, Etna has conical fruits with a dark green color that turns into bright red. In addition to these, similar features have the Eureka variety, whose fruits are orange or purple-black and Karneval Red, conical and red-green in color.

Chilli variety: Peppers with low spiciness

The low spicy types (5000-3000 Scoville) are also known as sweet peppers. Among these we find the Devil's Nose, the Jalapeno and the beautiful Bishop Crown. The Devil's Nose is characterized by a plant with a compact sapling habit, variegated leaves and pyramid-shaped fruits, about 4-5 cm long by 2 cm in diameter. The color, when ripe, is deep red. The Jalapeno has conical fruits, 6 cm long by 3 cm in diameter. The color varies from green to red and the berry has a very fleshy consistency. Finally, the Bishop Crown, also known as the Bishop's Hat, is characterized by characteristic bell-shaped berries, with three lateral protuberances located near the apex. The diameter is about 6-8 cm for a length of 5-7 cm. The peel is thin and the pulp, with a strong scent of pepper, is firm and crunchy.