Bach flowers

How to choose Bach flowers

Bach flowers are chosen by carefully searching for their symptoms. It is important to know that the connection between the symptoms and the Bach flowers is only a system to be able to identify the related flower remedies, but the result of this research is not enough by itself for a correct choice of the remedy. It is also necessary to read the complete card of the flower in order to understand if the chosen one is completely in tune with the particular emotional state that one feels and wants to transform. There are many symptoms and to choose the most suitable Bach flower it is necessary to do more than a search if the result obtained is not yet sufficient. The symptoms for which people want to look for the most suitable Bach flower are many, including food addiction, nervous colitis, tics, tachycardia, panic attacks, nervous hunger, headaches, mood, etc. But the most frequent and important states of mind are anxiety, stress, fatigue and insomnia. Because the flowers are chosen based on how the individual reacts to situations and not only for the symptom itself, for be sure to always read the flower card.

How to use Bach flowers

Taking Bach flowers makes an act of love for oneself, even before the therapy. In fact the intake of these flower remedies begins with a voluntary action of attention towards oneself that has the objective to heal from the symptoms and from the discomforts. But above all the need arises to be in touch with emotions: therefore, together with recruitment it is good that each of us is aware of our own way of acting and thinking. There are several companies that offer preparations, but the classic method for recruitment of Bach flowers consists of preparing the mixture and not using ready-made mixtures, granules or sprays. To obtain the bottle containing the flowers to be taken, the following elements are required: - a small 30 ml bottle. and a water-pipette of brandy- the bottles of flowers we are interested in also called stock bottles.To take Bach flowers we can buy everything we need and prepare the bottle by ourselves or we can have it prepared by an herbalist or from a pharmacy. The first few times it is advisable to prepare it for having it ready for use, without buying the various flowers.

Bach flower drops

To prepare the drops of Bach flowers to be taken, a bottle must be filled, which has a capacity of 30 ml., With water for two-thirds and brandy for a third: this acts as a preservative. Only 2 drops are added to the mixture, for each chosen remedy, starting from the stock bottle. The maximum number of flowers to be mixed together in a bottle is 5 or 6: it is rarely recommended to mix 7 flowers. From this obtained bottle it is advisable to take Bach Flowers in a dose of 4 drops 4 times each day, alone , directly in the mouth. It is convenient to take them in the morning on an empty stomach, in the evening before going to sleep and twice more, with a certain regular schedule. If you feel the need, you can take Bach flowers even with greater daily frequencies, without exceeding. If you want to take Bach flowers for a limited time, you need to consult the methods to make an extemporaneous type of preparation.

Bach flowers: Images of Bach flowers

There are a total of 38 Bach flowers, belonging to as many plants. For each plant there is a botanical name and for each flower it is possible to easily find a complete sheet in which both the characteristics of the plant and the remedy for which the drops obtained from the flower can be used are all indicated. Bach flowers all have a beautiful appearance and just looking at their images may already brighten up. There are many sites where you can find the complete list of Bach flowers, each with its own viewable image and the related card of flower remedies. Bach flowers have almost all cheerful colors like mimulus, mustard, impatiens or red chestnut. But there are also flowers with a more delicate look and more subdued colors like water violet or white chestnut. One of the most beautiful and lively is undoubtedly the clematis with white leaves that have a central strip of a beautiful violet color: it serves to counteract the lack of concentration.