Villa Durazzo

Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini: the residence

Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini, one of the most beautiful Italian noble residences of late nineteenth-century construction, is located in Pegli (today a suburb of Genoa) which at the time was a very popular seaside resort. Wanted by the grandson of the marquise Clelia Durazzo Grimaldi (philanthropist and botanist), the residence currently houses the Ligurian Archeology museum and was designed by Michele Canzio, theatrical stage designer (of the Carlo Felice of Genoa) and professor of Fine Arts in the Academy. The complex was studied according to the structure of a tetral work and is therefore divided by acts. A cathartic journey, the one that Canzio has created for this melodramatic structure that, with its artistic dimensions, hosts marvels from all over the world in its garden.

Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini: the gardens

In the last few years (from around 2008) the garden of Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini has always won a very high place in the ranking of the prize for the most beautiful park in Italy, and the reasons for these positive responses are obvious. Starting from the very structure of the park, organic and composite, the designer has created magical and spectacular paths to the eyes. The entry into this beautiful green world full of newsstands, pagodas, artificial lakes and floral compositions is accompanied by the flowing of the entrance avenue that leads the visitor to the collection of Italian camellias. After this prologue, we pass through false medieval ruins, caves, bridges and lakes, as in a novel of chivalrous cycles, ranging from the styles in vogue at the time (mainly neoclassical and neo-Gothic).

Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini: the botanical garden

The villa dominates from the place where it was set up, Pegli, not caring about the urban aggression to which it was subjected (for example the motorway tunnel dug under the park). In addition to the beautiful park - which also houses numerous sculptures now attributed to Giovanni Battista Cevasco - the complex boasts another small green jewel, the Clelia Durazzo Grimaldi botanical garden that can be visited every day from 9.00 to 12.30. Dedicated to Genoese botany, it contains a large amount of rare specimens from half the world. In 2004 the renovation that brings the complex back to the old glories is finished, and still today you can visit the greenhouses in all their splendor among exotic species and spectacular flowers.

Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini: how to reach it and visit it

The complex of Villa Durazzo-Pallavicini is easily accessible by train, car or public transport, being located in the Genoese interland. It will therefore be sufficient to reach the Ligurian capital and then move towards Pegli. The garden is also near the station of the town and it is impossible to go wrong. Visiting times are seasonal: starting from nine in the morning it will be possible to enter until 17.00 in winter while in summer until 19.00. The closing days are few, the classic Italian holidays, namely Christmas, St. Stephen, New Year and Easter in addition to the Monday (weekly closing). The cost of entrance tickets to the park is accessible to everyone: we are talking about 3.50 for the whole ticket (3 euros for groups) and 2.50 for the reduced ticket.