Shindaiwa small and light brushcutters

For over 50 years, Shindaiwa has been producing a wide range of products for private and professional use that offer high performance and durability. The company, leader in the gardening and maintenance sector of large green areas, stands out for its constant commitment to the design and construction of high quality motor machines, using only the best materials. Several models of Shindaiwa brushcutters are available, including the versatile T 243 S, with 23.9 cc displacement, capable of performing various maintenance operations in a simple manner. The T 226 S model is the smallest and lightest, with a 21.6 cc engine, suitable for the private user in small areas. The T 310 XS brushcutter, light and handy, is equipped with great power and a 28.6 cc engine. Ensures long life and low maintenance.

More powerful and professional brushcutter models

Among the heaviest brushcutters we have C 350, with a 33.6 cubic centimeter engine. It is one of the most popular models in the range, now also available with a U-shaped handle. Its weight / power ratio is excellent and it is capable of cutting efficiently in all conditions of use. The components and the carburettor are insulated as well as waterproof to ensure the engine starts even in the presence of high humidity. The T 350 model, with a cubic capacity of 33.6 cm, is perfect for the professional who requires speed, power and maneuverability. The T 3410 X brushcutter with C4 engine, a patented and exclusive technology that combines the advantages of the 2-stroke engine with the benefits of the 4 stroke. The model is powerful, it has a remarkable acceleration and a high torque, it is silent. It also offers low consumption and low emissions. Both the professional and the demanding private will be satisfied with this machine. It is produced with a U-shaped or L-shaped handle.

Other brushcutters from the Shindaiwa range

The T 450 professional brushcutter offers first-class performance, great power, optimal balance, strength and durability. Its 41.5 cc engine is able to perform the most demanding tasks without effort. The B 450 model was designed to perform the heaviest jobs. Its power / weight ratio is extraordinary and allows it to operate for a long time without the user accusing fatigue. The anti-vibration Shindaiwa system in the engine crankcase and in the handles makes work easier. The most powerful brushcutter in the line is certainly the B 530 model, which is fitted with a 53.2 cubic engine of displacement. It is designed and built for forest mowing and limbing work. It includes a professional strap, antivibration system and a silenced muffler, which make the job more comfortable and less tiring for the operator.

Backpack brushcutter and multifunction models

The Shindaiwa BP 520 S model is a backpack brushcutter with an engine capacity of 53.2 cubic centimeters, very robust and powerful. It allows, in a comfortable way, difficult jobs in inaccessible areas, on soils with steep slopes and in all conditions. It is a very reliable machine, particularly appreciated by the professional. It has a power of 1.9 kW (2.6 hp) at 7,000 rpm. The capacity of its tank is 1,200 ml, the dry weight is 9.6 kg and the dimensions are 2,840 x 575 x 455. The multi-function model M 243 S has a 2-stroke engine and is appreciated for its versatility. It can be used as a trimmer or telescopic hedge trimmer or pruner. a functional connector allows the attachment and release of the accessories. it has a displacement of 23.9 cc and a power of 0.8 kW (1.1 hp) at 8,000 rpm. The multifunction machine M 2510 with C4 motor works 33% more than a 2-stroke model. The product stands out for its versatility and reliability. Its displacement is 24.5 cc, it guarantees low consumption and emissions and high silence.