Ferrari rotary cultivator

Ferrari rotary cultivators

Ferrari rotary cultivators are part of the PowerSafe® line; designed to meet the needs of customers: a series of easy-to-use models that are used both by hobbyists and professionals. Equipped with petrol or diesel engines, capable of developing power between 4.8 and 12.2 Hp, moved by gearboxes in oil bath. The versatility is the quality of these machines that can be configured with numerous rear or front tools, depending on the position of the vehicle, allowing more operations with a single machine. By simply replacing the equipment you can cut the grass, cut it or shave it, sweep an avenue or a parking lot, clear the snow from the road and, of course, plow and mill a plot or dig irrigation ruts.

The Ferrari rotary cultivator

Quality, what was once the company philosophy, today "mission", for the evolution of the lexicon. But if the way of calling it has changed, the spirit that animates the company has remained unchanged, the passion of those who believe in what they do. Quality has its maximum expression in the innovative PowerSafe® multi-plate wet clutch: a maintenance-free hydraulic clutch that immediately stops the vehicle and the connected tool if the operator leaves the handlebar, thanks to the built-in automatic brake; not for nothing the Ferrari rotary cultivator is built in accordance with the guidelines of the European standard 709 / A4. Convenience of use without preliminary operations to start the engine that remains on even if you leave the handlebar and, finally, the guarantee: capacity for 5 years for the PowerSafe® clutch assembly.

The engines of the Ferrari rotary cultivator

Quality is at home at Ferrari and has led the company to acquire new Honda engines, developed in two years of work with the technicians of the Japanese company. Intended for use in areas with steep slopes, they are built with technical concepts that allow their use even in the presence of slopes above 35 °, without having performance losses or failures linked to differences in lubrication. Three are the constructive differences that exalt these engines: a special unidirectional valve that optimizes the circulation of the oil, guaranteeing a perfect lubrication of the engine even when it works inclined. Fuel pump position protected from accidental damage. Maximum fuel level indicator, to prevent over-introduction.

Ferrari rotary cultivator: One engine, many machines

Ferrari applies the "four-season solution" concept: the Ferrari rotary cultivator is a highly versatile machine that is truly used in all four seasons. From plowing the land to milling, or working with the rotary plow; passing through the creation of irrigation grooves; without forgetting all the maintenance of the green, with mulches, cutter bars, lawn mowers or the BladeRunner, a single-rotor grass cutter with mobile knives; remembering the garbage of the boulevards or squares with the broom: up to winter use Use of this machine equipped with a snowplough or a snow blower. A large range of equipment that makes the rotary cultivator a small power plant available for coupling and transformation into different machines.