Husqvarna snow plow

Husqvarna snow plow, Snow under control

The very powerful Husqvarna Snowplough range offers numerous possibilities for those who want professionalism and efficiency even in the home garden. Most of the range consists of two-stage snow plows, what does it mean? In two-stage snow plows the snow is driven through a milling cutter in a turbine, the latter conveys snow into a chimney from where it is expelled away from the work area. It is the ideal solution for all types of snow, from fresh to compact and icy. The range has variable displacement, from a minimum of 205cc to a maximum of 342cc, all vehicles are equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox plus 2 reverse gears. The most advanced models are equipped with the differential lock, combined with decidedly marked tires, offering maximum traction on all types of terrain.

Husqvarna ST268EPT, maximum power, maximum traction

The Husqvarna ST 268EPT model offers maximum power in the range of snow plows for individuals. It is a two-stage model, equipped with electric starting and not tear-off like the previous models, a surprising 305cc displacement with a power of 7.1kW. It knows no limits thanks to the usual robustness and limited pressure exerted on the ground, thanks to the use of high-performance tracks and excellent weight distribution. So much power but also so much simplicity, the model is equipped with an electric advancement system, with a hydrostatic clutch. Thanks to this the feed speed can be set manually by means of a special lever on the dashboard, it guarantees excellent maneuverability on all types of terrain, a further icing on the cake is the assisted steering control, which allows the differential lock to be disengaged to own liking, manually choosing which track to move. This makes the machine very easy to use even for the less experienced.

Which model of Husqvarna snow plows to buy

The doubt to be removed once you have decided to purchase a husqvarna snow plow is certainly on the model. There are not many considerations to be made, first of all it is necessary to keep in mind whether to orientate oneself on a one or two-stage model. One-stage models are much less widespread and suitable only for surfaces with soft and freshly laid snow, they are definitely less expensive but do not guarantee efficiency on all types of terrain. The two-stage models are much more suited to adapt in all conditions, the size of the working field must be taken into account, the Husqvarna snow plow range offers models with various widths to operate. A model with separate steering, it is definitely more efficient on accidental terrain, choose this model if your working field is not perfectly flat and uneven. If the area in which you operate is particularly cold, choose a model with heated handles and electric start, much more efficient in very harsh climates.

Husqvarna Snowplow: How to Tackle the Maintenance of a Husqvarna Snowplow

When you buy such a car, the expense is certainly not irrelevant, to be done once in a lifetime without having to continue spending money on repairs and things like that. The Husqvarna snow plows are certainly synonymous with durability and reliability. All this is above all with small tricks, designed to make the vehicle last as long as possible. The part that suffers the most blows, and certainly is more subject to wear, can only be the front cutter. Replace the oil and self-moving pins every season, of course do it using only original parts, this in addition to maintaining the valid warranty, be sure that it will extend the life of your snow thrower. In tracked vehicles, it is essential to maintain the tension of the tracks within the established parameters, used in fuel additives that can help the ignition in more rigid climates, especially in models with recoil starter, and after long periods of inactivity. The more you pamper your jewel, the longer it will last.