Cinnamon infusion

The cinnamon plant

The plants from which cinnamon is made are mainly two. Both belong to the lauraceae family and are evergreen: they are cinnamon zeylanicun and cinnamon cassia. The first variety is the most valuable and comes from Sri Lanka while the second mentioned comes directly from China and has a less intense aroma. While other spices are obtained from the flowers, seeds or leaves of plants, cinnamon is extracted from the branches or from young stems. It is the inner part of the bark that is first cut and then left to dry and laminated to obtain the classic sticks found on the market. Powdered cinnamon is nothing other than finely ground cinnamon sticks. The best quality is always obtained from the youngest branches.

Healing properties of cinnamon infusion

Cinnamon infusion is a natural antiseptic. It helps fight fungi and viruses and can resolve bacteriological infections. Suffice it to say that inside many mouthwashes, toothpastes and soaps, there are active ingredients extracted directly from cinnamon precisely because of their disinfectant properties. According to recent sector studies, the infusion of cinnamon has the faculty to regulate the percentage of simple sugars present in the blood thus helping diabetics to have a better quality of life. It also facilitates all digestive processes by accelerating intestinal transit. It is useful for preventing blisters and abdominal bloating problems. Other studies have shown that cinnamon can attack the candida albicanis fungus.

How to use

Like all natural and non-natural remedies, it is necessary not to exceed with the quantities of cinnamon infusion taken daily. One cup a day is more than enough to get all the benefits so far listed. Thinking of solving a urinary tract infection by drinking three or four cups of remedy a day could have side effects that are not too pleasant to deal with. Moderation is always the right choice. During pregnancy it is best to consult the doctor who follows you before taking anything. There cinnamon herbal tea must be avoided in children under two years of age. Cinnamon is rich in vitamins but also fibers and precious minerals in nature such as magnesium, potassium and iron. It is a real food supplement to be used in moderation.

Cinnamon infusion: How to make cinnamon infusion

Making the cinnamon infusion is quite simple and presents no difficulty. Get yourself a cinnamon stick, a star anise berry and a teaspoon of wildflower honey to sweeten it. Put a cinnamon stick in a cup and crumble it coarsely with the tip of the spoon. Add the star anise and pour the boiling water over it. Add a little honey depending on your taste and stir. Let the infusion rest for at least five minutes and then drink it. If you want to make it more enjoyable to sip you can filter it or there is the possibility of using the special jars with built-in ceramic filter. Those who do not like the taste of honey can replace it with an identical amount of raw cane sugar.