Anti-cellulite essential oils

Cellulite and treatment

Cellulite is a very common problem. In addition to creating the well-known blemishes of the skin, it is a symptom of alteration of the fat cells of the tissues and, for this reason, it must be considered a real disease. Treatments for cellulite are varied and depend on both the progress of the disease and the people who have to deal with them. Today, especially for the first stages, many choose the sweet care of anti-cellulite essential oils, such as grapefruit, cypress, rosemary, geranium or juniper oil. These anti-cellulite essential oils help improve circulation and support the lymphatic system, fighting the early stages of this unsightly problem. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle can use them even in the absence of cellulite, just to improve circulation.

Essential anti-cellulite oils: the most common

Among the most common anti-cellulite essential oils are citrus oils, especially grapefruit, but lemon essential oil is also widely used. The first is certainly among the most requested, both for the good profiling that characterizes it, and for its effectiveness in anti-cellulite care. It is also widely used for aromatherapy, as its scent helps to calm hunger, thus helping to tackle any diets that also contribute to lightening the weight of the circulation and thus to fight cellulite. The rubbing with grapefruit anti-cellulite essential oils allows the circulation to be reactivated and contributes to firming the skin, thanks to the presence of geraniol, a particular alcohol with firming properties. Similar characteristics are contained in the essential lemon oil, perfect for stimulating the skin and delaying the aging of the skin.

More on anti-cellulite essential oils

In addition to citrus oil, a big contribution in the fight against cellulite and improving blood circulation is offered by juniper oil. It should be specified that juniper oil, like most anti-cellulite essential oils, does not act on the imperfection, but goes to fight the root of the problem, namely the problems related to the micro-circulation of the lymphatic system and water retention. Juniper, in fact, is known for its detoxifying properties: it helps to purify the body of toxins by eliminating them and thus improving circulation. A very similar action is that offered by rosemary oil, which reduces water retention by improving circulation and microcirculation. For both anti-cellulite essential oils, it is essential to use them regularly, even as a prevention.

How to use anti-cellulite essential oils

But how can anti-cellulite essential oils be used to improve the appearance of one's skin and, above all, to relieve legs with problems of water retention and impaired circulation? The use of anti-cellulite essential oils is very simple. Just mix ten or fifteen drops (depending on the type of oil) with a neutral moisturizer or a couple of tablespoons of base oil and create an emulsion. You can then use this compound diluted in the bathtub, soaking for about ten minutes and rubbing with a sponge to help the circulation reactivate. Alternatively, you can directly massage the skin with the oil emulsion, using a horsehair sponge. In order not to redden the skin it is good to pay attention to the intensity of the massage.