Hydraulic wood splitter

The hydraulic log splitter

The hydraulic log splitter provides great cutting power, or better, splitting: the most powerful models are capable of breaking logs of 90 cm in diameter. Versatile means that can be used by the neophyte who wants to give up the effort of using an ax to chop wood, but also by the professional who has made a profession out of splitting wood. Supplied in many different configurations that allow you to take advantage of the work of this type of machine really everywhere and at any time: from the backyard to the mountain clearing on the edge of a forest. Simple machines in the type of construction and operation, but capable of processing large quantities of product, drastically reducing operator fatigue. Available in mounted versions and in towed versions.

The hydraulic log splitter for the private sector

The hydraulic log splitter is often equipped with two operating speeds of the wedge: a slow descent (if in vertical operation) or in any case during the breaking of the log and a fast ascent (the return to the starting position). This is to speed up operations, reducing downtime. The support plates of the logs are adjustable in two, but also three, different positions, to be able to break logs of different sizes, according to the needs. In the vertical functioning versions the blade descends from above and penetrates the log, while in the horizontal ones it is the trunk that is pushed towards the knife which in these versions of the machines is fixed. The knife, in all versions both vertical and horizontal, can be normal or cross-cut.

The hydraulic log splitter in professional use

The professional wood splitter is, first of all, more powerful: up to 50 tons of thrust, against the 15-16 of the models for private use. Then it is also more equipped, to better meet the needs of those who prepare firewood by profession: automatic systems for loading logs, to relieve fatigue and speed up time. In addition, some versions are also equipped with cradles for containing split wood. The cylinders are almost always sliding, to offer a housing position contained at the end of work that facilitates the configurations of the machine for road transport. In this regard: the log splitter can be brought by tractors, but also towed on trolleys approved for driving on public roads, with a maximum speed of 130 km / h which allows rapid movements from one workplace to another.

Hydraulic log splitter: Additional accessories in the professional versions

The winch equipped with a pincer to lift large logs, in versions of wood-splitter with vertical operation, further enriches the equipment of the machines for professional use only. It is necessary to open a parenthesis also on the lengths of the logs that can be worked with these machines: generally it is possible to reach useful cutting lengths up to 2 meters, but on request it is possible to obtain machines equipped to work pieces up to 4 meters long. The cross wedge, then, is hydraulically adjustable and interchangeable: it can be up to six and even eight splitting routes, allowing the processing of large diameter logs and maintaining high work rates. For those who want to reach the top in terms of comfort, there are versions with remote control.