Husqvarna blowers

Gardens always clean with the blowers

There are few things that give greater satisfaction than a well-kept garden. A beautiful clean lawn, tidy and colorful flower beds and trees in the right place can radically change the face of a home. However, constant care and attention is needed to obtain a pleasant place to relax in your free time that offers a positive image of ourselves and our homes. However, gardening is above all a hobby that should not become a burden on everyday life. For this reason you must choose the right tools, which can facilitate the work for the care of green areas without it becoming excessively tiring or stressful. The blowers are important tools that, if chosen and used with care, can make the care of the garden a simple and pleasant job, whose results will surprise us and our guests. They are especially useful in autumn, when trees lose their leaves and soil lawns and driveways. But they can also be used in the accumulation of cut grass, small twigs or litter, perhaps after a party. Image source:

Gasoline or electric? Choose the right model

There are many models on the market with different characteristics, depending on the places where you plan to use them and the intensity of the work envisaged. The most complex and professional models, in general, are powered by petrol or a mixture. The latter is the case with two-stroke engines. In both cases, these are equipment that can be heavy, sometimes with engines worn over the shoulder. The use of this type of blower is recommended when it is necessary to clean large green areas and work for extended intervals. The biggest advantages of the petrol engine models, in fact, are the great power and autonomy. Those who practice gardening as a hobby often prefer electric models. The reasons behind this choice are generally low noise and low vibrations. On the other hand, battery-powered models have a lower power and range compared to models with petrol engines. An interesting compromise is represented by the Husqvarna blowers.

Husqvarna blowers: professional performance for hobbyists

Based in Sweden, Husqvarna is a leading company in the mechanical sector, with factories in different countries. His gardening tools are designed to offer a good compromise between price, performance and comfort. The blowers of this brand are available in seven models, all with petrol engines with displacements varying between 28 and 75.6 cc. The two basic models of the 125 series are simple and compact devices with a blowing tube in line with the motor. With weights around four pounds, these instruments are well balanced and simple to use. Their use is immediate and practical and they are suitable for those who have to carry out cleaning work on gardens and lawns of small or medium size. They are ideal for those looking for a machine that is always ready for use. More demanding users, on the other hand, can choose between four models with a shoulder-mounted motor. These offer greater versatility of use, power and autonomy. The entire Husqvarna range is designed to offer machines that combine the advantages of the internal combustion engine, reducing their contraindications to a minimum.

Husqvarna blowers: Comfort and safety of Husqvarna blowers

Husqvarna blowers are designed for user comfort and safety. The hand-held models are compact and balanced, to offer a firm grip and minimum effort during use. The variants with a shoulder-mounted motor, on the other hand, have been ergonomically designed. The backpacks are widely adjustable and equipped with padding to better adapt to the operator. Furthermore, the weights are distributed in such a way as to minimize the load on the back and shoulders. Great care has been taken over systems to reduce vibrations and noise. The more advanced models, 570 and 580 BTS, also adopt a proprietary vibration reduction system, offering superior comfort. The engines of the brand also have innovative solutions for reducing emissions. In essence, these are tools designed for hobby use but with professional performance and versatility of use. Their strength is the simplicity of use and the design oriented to adapt to any user and to different profiles of use.