Vegetable garden

The garden is one of the most healthy and relaxing pastimes that exist. In fact, thanks to the vegetable garden, you can rediscover the pleasure of the passing of time and the seasons, spending some time taking care of the seasonal plants and sowing the species that will mature in the following period ... but not only. Having a vegetable garden allows us to always eat seasonal vegetables, a very important aspect of our health. In fact, all the most accredited research on nutrition shows how important it is to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to prevent many diseases, including tumors, for example, and always stay in shape. In fact, fresh-picked seasonal vegetables are very rich in all those active ingredients and those substances that have been harvested for a long time in vegetables at the supermarket, are always present in smaller quantities due to the natural deterioration of the active ingredients. Here is for all the friends of a series of videos essential to approach the cultivation of the vegetable garden or to find new stimuli for those who love to cultivate and is looking for new species to plant. In addition to the introduction video that gives a fairly broad overview of the topic in this section, you will find a video for each phase of the cultivation of the garden. We recommend first starting with the garden design video, to understand what aspects to evaluate and consider when we are going to create a vegetable garden. Then we suggest you to see the videos dedicated to sowing and planting vegetable gardens. Finally it will be opportune to look at the remaining videos such as the flowerbed system, crop rotation, garden care, irrigation system, organic vegetable garden and sheltered cultivation. Thanks to all these videos you will finally have the basics to start cultivating your favorite vegetables too without being afraid of making a mistake!