Welcome to the section that talks about chainsaws, or rather all types of chainsaws existing on the market. Practical, easy to use and ergonomic, chainsaws find space in many agricultural and gardening jobs, but also in other cutting activities where the ability to saw very hard surfaces is required. Chainsaws are also the protagonists of many horror or thriller films, where they are used in truly chilling scenes. In reality, these tools allow you to quickly perform many gardening jobs, such as cutting logs for harvesting wood and pruning. On the market there are universal and specific chainsaws for certain jobs. The market also offers high-powered, compact and accumulator chainsaws. The contents of our section will explore all the features of these tools to help you use them to the fullest and choose the ones best suited to your needs. Chainsaws are motor-driven saws composed of a body with an ergonomic handle and a blade on which a chain of cut. The petrol-powered engine starts the transmission of the sliding chain, lubricated with oil, to make the saw turn and make it perform all the cutting operations. The power and weight of the chain saw vary depending on the weight of the chain, the length of the blade and the capacity of the engine. The weight in kilograms of a chainsaw can reach up to six kilos. In the past, the first chainsaw models were very heavy and this caused problems in holding them and moving the blade to make cuts. The new models, on the other hand, equipped with an ergonomic handle, also feature balancing systems that literally allow the weight of the tool to be lightened making it more manageable and less tiring to use. . Compact chainsaws, for example, are used to cut firewood or wood strips to build houses or pergolas of the same material. Chainsaws for pruning are used to cut tree branches. Of different power and cutting capacity, these chainsaws allow cutting both thicker and finer branches. The weight and power of these chainsaws are extremely reduced to facilitate tree cutting and care. The maximum displacement of a pruning chainsaw is now up to 35, 2, while the weight of the tool does not exceed three kilos and eight hundred grams. The smaller models weigh no more than two and a half kilos. Be careful, however, to choose light models, because they have a saw and therefore a shorter cutting length. The cutting length of pruning chainsaws is generally between twenty-five and forty-five centimeters. The choice of the chainsaw must therefore be made considering the type of trees to be pruned and the type of work to be carried out. In the case of very hard wood and large logs, it may be necessary to use high-power chainsaws. These tools are widely available on the market and have a cutting length of up to ninety centimeters. The weight is also high, which, in high power chainsaws, is between six and almost ten kilos. Medium-power chainsaws also exist. These tools, always powerful and versatile, allow you to carry out forestry and landscape maintenance work. The cutting length reaches half a meter, while the weight of the tool does not exceed six kilos. The accumulator chainsaws are widely used, due to their economy, silence and lightness. These are tools that are used to cut soft wood or parts of bark. Being silent, chainsaws are also used for work indoors or in other sensitive areas. Inside they can also be fitted with chains for saws with greater cutting power. On the market there are also emergency service chainsaws, used for rescue operations, and construction chainsaws (equipped with a diamond chain) used for cuts on reinforced concrete and on other stone and masonry materials. The new chainsaw models also simplify tool maintenance work. A special compression device, in fact, makes it possible not to disperse the chain lubricant lengthening the time for its replacement. After the work, however, you should always check the status of the chain and the saw. Both must be cleaned from the vegetable remains and stored in the appropriate case and indoors and away from pets and children. The removal and cleaning of the saw and chain must be carried out only following the instructions indicated by the manufacturer. Given the high availability of models, the prices of chainsaws are highly variable. They range from the four hundred euros of the smaller models, such as the accumulator chainsaw, to the fifteen hundred euros of the most powerful chainsaws. In between, there are also good quality chainsaws at average prices of between six hundred and eight hundred euros.