Ants invasion

Question: remove the ants

Can you tell me a natural remedy to eliminate ants? In my garden I have a beautiful peony plant that has lots of buds, but they are all full of ants! They look like common ants, black and small. Thank you very much

Ants invasion:

Dear Daniela,
unfortunately there are no insecticides that can be used in organic farming against ants, it seems that the presence of some crops tends to push them away, such as garlic for example, whose plants give off a strong aroma (there are beautiful ones with ornamental plants, I have some in the garden, but I do not guarantee that the ants hate them so much that they do not come into my garden); against ants it is necessary to turn to chemistry, to kill them, because simply to put down barriers because they go away, usually it is not a sufficient method.
Fortunately, many insecticides used against ants are in such forms as not to harm anything other than the ants themselves; in fact there are insecticides against ants sold in tiny plastic traps: these colored boxes contain bait with insecticide; they position themselves where the insects are seen scurrying, which will enter the little box, and they will take some of the bait, bringing it to the anthill, where it will serve as food for the colony, killing it.
In addition to the baits with insecticide, there are also insecticides in powder form, which are placed around the infested plants, or near the anthills (it would be better); these insecticides work by contact and by ingestion, and are quite effective, and since you don't have to spread them in the air, they usually only disturb the ants and not other insects. Ants usually live in direct contact and collaboration with aphids, which are moved from plant ants to plants; in practice the ants "breed" the aphids, because they secrete a sugary substance (called honeydew) of which the ants feed.
If therefore a plant of your garden is regularly traveled by ants, it is very probable that there are aphids on it; to chase away ants just kill the aphids, with azadiractin or with the bitter quassia extract, if you want to use allowed products also in organic farming. Check that there are no aphids even on other plants in the garden, because it is difficult to trust a single plant, and they tend to spread quite quickly. So you should check carefully, and in case treat all the plants in the garden, obviously the treatments should be done in the evening hours, and when there are no flowering plants in the garden, where there may be bees.