Lilac flowers

Question: lilac flowers

what cut flowers are there in September, since I have to prepare a bouquet of flowers?

Answer: lilac flowers

Gentle wisteria,
florists usually have some flowers that are mainly grown in greenhouses, for this reason, there are some flowers that are available at any time of the year; typically they are roses, of various species, varieties and colors of orchids, and of gerberas or other types of daisy. Besides these flowers, there are also seasonal ones; September is the month of September stars: small daisies in shades of pink and lilac, very pretty and particular; but in September chrysanthemums also begin to flower, which despite being used mainly in Italy as flowers to be placed on tombstones, are beautiful flowers, and there are so many particular varieties, some of which are not even known to be chrysanthemums. Moreover chrysanthemums are nothing more than daisies, and in September daisies and asters have flourished in great numbers. A typical plant of the month is osmanthus fragrans, which is not easy to find by florists, because its flowers are minute and not very showy, but the foliage is splendid and the flowers give off an incredible perfume, reminiscent of the apricot jam tart, in a mixture of buttery, fruity and fresh notes. Even the Japanese anemones bloom towards the end of summer, giving us very elegant bouquets, with white, pink or bright pink flowers. In addition to these seasonal flowers, the summer blooms of hibiscus, bougainvillea, Lagerstroemia and lobelias continue in September; then the heathers begin to bloom, and the first Australian flowers arrive, since in the distant continent it is spring, and wax flowers bloom, like hardenbergera, anigozanthos, callistemon; all very special plants, with very long-lasting and strange flowers, which give a decidedly very exotic touch to bouquets. If you love the lilac color, consider that the September stars can be your first choice, as many varieties have flowers in different shades of lilac; you can bring them closer to the osmanthus, which will give you the green part of the bouquet, and the scent of small flowers; together with these you can approach wax flowers, and maybe pink Japanese anemones, in pastel tones.