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Outdoor cabinets

Outdoor cabinets

Don't know where to store brooms, objects that you don't want to keep at home or available to children or pets? Don't worry: outdoor cabinets are for you. They are designed, in fact, to be multipurpose, being able to be arranged with shelves with interlocking shelves, or with broom-holder compartment, and if structured in the shape of a trunk, the capacious separators are adaptable to the shape of the wardrobe. They can have one or more doors and, depending on your needs, you can change the position of the elements to your liking.
Outdoor cabinets can be used in any room of your home or work place, be it a garden, a terrace, a basement. They are suitable in the presence of any atmospheric agent, even in particularly humid or harsh weather conditions, such as rain or snow, because they are designed specifically to be resistant and waterproof.
The materials that are usually used for the best outdoor cabinets can be plastic, steel, sheet metal or resin. They are sold in a range of different colors, from green to gray, from black to white, just to leave the buyer the freedom of choice thanks to the adaptability to any place or environment.
They can be equipped with holes designed to avoid moisture penetration or stagnation, but to allow ventilation and transpiration, thus avoiding the formation of mold and the like, which could otherwise damage your objects and work tools, or any other element is placed inside them.
There are various shapes and sizes of wardrobes for outdoor use. Don't be afraid to find the one that best suits your needs. The angle you don't know how to occupy or those empty centimeters that you really want to make the most of, to store products for home hygiene, or gardening tools or kitchen utensils, shoes ... have finally found their purpose of existence.

Broom or double-leaf door

It is important to know how to make the most of this wardrobe, which avoids having to reserve the back of a door at home, or in the office, to hide brooms and cleaning utensils. It would not be hygienic and not even pleasantly to see dusty brooms and packages of detergents grouped at random, for everyone's eyes! An outdoor wardrobe is the ideal accommodation for all that concerns hygiene and interior cleaning: no odor in the environment that remains free from allergens and bacteria. Thanks to the possibility of positioning the shelves inside the cabinet to your liking, any size or height of the tools will no longer be a problem. Brooms always in order and sheltered from the weather. Detergents and sanitizers will always be at hand without being a danger to the little ones or to pets.
If we do not need the broom-holder version, the hinged door can be used as a pantry for any product, necessary for any purpose, obtaining an extra place to store and keep away without having to look for an appropriate place inside building. The height of the shelves is also adjustable in this version, so that there is no obstacle to insert your goods, whatever their nature.

Sliding door cabinets

Remember the ancient and traditional wooden bread racks, where the opening was a sort of curtain with sliding strips that were used to keep the bread always fragrant? Imagine a wardrobe with the same functionality thanks to the shutter-type door. Don't have enough space where you would like to fix it? The solution of this particular door makes it very suitable for you. With the same technical features of a hinged-door wardrobe, we find the perfect balance for those who cannot find the space for opening a wardrobe. The louvered opening eliminates every obstacle: from the bottom to the top is the opening movement, and vice versa to close the whole and keep what is stored inside safely by any external agent. It is perfect for any item, for any purpose and any small place. There are those who want to use it as a tool holder, as a spare store, but they will not hesitate to have people with many pairs of shoes, to use it just like a shoe rack, keeping bad smells on the outside, sanitizing the inside of the house and making them breathe this way also these essential items of clothing for women, men and children. It will come spontaneous to ask: why have you not thought of it before?

Outdoor cabinets: Recycling is never so simple and tidy

Once it could be justified with the sentence: I don't have enough space to divide the waste. Today it is no longer a problem. We can finally do good for us, our children, our planet and all other living beings thanks to outdoor cabinets. They offer you that extra space to divide your waste, following the rules of separate collection, keeping away the dirt and bacteria that could develop in waste environments, from inside homes, offices and public places. It is enough, in fact, to separate the areas of the cabinet according to the use, to obtain spaces where to put away our waste products, waiting to be disposed of with the special services provided for the recycling of waste. Laziness is no longer justified thanks to the outdoor cabinets that, besides being not bulky, are also our number one friend for a cleaner, healthier and more orderly world.