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Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

If you need to furnish an outdoor space and are looking for some advice on outdoor furniture, in this article you will find a lot of useful information about it that can help you and guide you in your choice.

Materials for outdoor furniture

The materials that are used to make the outdoor furniture are obviously different from those for indoor furniture, as they must guarantee greater resistance to atmospheric agents and must be suitable for the style of your garden or of the exterior that you are going to furnish. The most frequently used material is plastic, which although not the most elegant is certainly one of the most practical and resistant to any use and environment. Plastic wardrobes, tables and chairs are also more readily available and are less expensive than all other materials. Furthermore, maintenance is very simple, just a wet sponge is enough to clean them.
If your priority is resistance it is certainly excellent to choose wrought iron as it is adaptable to many styles of furniture, it can be easily combined with other furniture and architectural structures and its resistance is assured; however it requires anti-rust treatments and has a rather high cost.
Other materials of unquestionable strength but with a fairly high price are stainless steel and aluminum, aluminum is certainly lighter, but the durability of stainless steel beats that of all other materials, including wrought iron; the furniture made with this material is resistant to corrosion and rust and is very easy to clean.
If you prefer more natural materials, even if more delicate, you can opt for wood, wicker, rattan, or even stone.
Wood is often used for outdoor furniture, as it is very versatile thanks to the different colors, veins and finishes, and to the ease of its processing; it also fits very well into the environment being a natural material par excellence; it is important to know that it is not suitable for very humid environments, so in winter it is advisable to cover your wooden furniture.
The wicker furniture is lighter and easier to clean and maintain, in fact if treated with the appropriate waxes they resist quite well on the outside, but it is always better to move them to a covered place in case of heavy rain or snow, taking advantage of their lightness . It too is a material that can be adapted to any style thanks to its easy combination with any type of fabric and upholstery.
A very elegant and modern material is rattan, it has a slightly higher cost than wood or wicker but has a totally different visual impact, moreover the furniture made of this material have already been treated with particular resins and paints to be water resistant and to insects; the maintenance of such furniture is therefore limited to cleaning with a shoe brush and a wood polish. Also in this case it would be advisable not to leave the furniture uncovered on particularly rainy days.
The last natural material that you could choose is the stone, very often it is not taken into consideration but it is absolutely not to be underestimated, as it is extremely durable and with a totally natural appearance; with it can be made original tables, benches or benches; it is advisable to turn to specially specialized centers in this case.

Types of furniture

In choosing the most suitable outdoor furniture for you it is important to take into consideration the type of furniture and choose the material based on it. If you want the look of your environment to be taken care of then you could also choose the rest of the furniture based on the style of the material you need most.
If, for example, you need to buy a wardrobe in which to store garden tools, you will be obliged to exclude stone, wicker and rattan, and even wood, as it could be damaged and it would be difficult to move an entire cabinet during periods of rain; unless you treat the furniture with suitable paints that make it waterproof.
If instead you have to furnish the space around a swimming pool, rattan, wicker and plastic are the materials for you, they are perfect for the summer seasons, and easy to move indoors in the winter ones.
With all other materials can be made: tables, chairs, armchairs, sun loungers.

Style and design

The aesthetic aspect is absolutely not to be underestimated in the choices of the right furniture and do not be afraid because there are furniture suitable for every style! The material to be used must also be chosen based on this.
If you prefer that your environment has a natural look, you are perfect for the furniture in raw wood or even stone, they fit perfectly into nature and guarantee a rustic look. To have something more refined and classic, opt instead for carved wood or wrought iron, furniture of this kind is easily found in many furnishing centers or gardening centers. If you prefer a modern and elegant design, the one that suits you is steel or rattan, they are more expensive materials but with a truly unique design and guarantee a touch of class and refinement to your environment. Finally, to create a contrast between the natural environment and the furniture, aluminum and steel are preferable.
Plastic furniture, on the other hand, is by far the most practical, but style is sacrificed in favor of practicality and reduced costs.


Most of the furniture listed can be found for sale in all gardening, furnishing and online stores. It is important to contact specialized centers for stone or carved wooden furniture, as you may need expert advice from artisans who take care of your needs.